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Our Mission

To develop culturally specific interventions to improve overall community cohesion, to enable Beneficiaries and families to overcomes barriers to reach their potential.

Al-Hurraya was founded in 2014 by Asad Fazil after he recognised that there was an emerging need of a service which works directly with Minority communities. He wanted to offer services where he could use his specialism, empower people and engage with them.

Al-Hurraya wants to become known for Improving Health and Social wellbeing. We work on crime reduction initiatives with minority communities, by enhancing community cohesion, providing communities with innovative solutions. Al-Hurraya focuses on underlying issues and provides early interventions strategies and solutions. All interventions provided are carried out to meet the needs of individuals benefactors, their families and communities.

Al-Hurraya acquired Charity Incorporated Organisation status in 2014.

Our Ethos

Al-Hurraya is peer led and believes in empowering individuals who have lived experience. Our staff work together to reduce the inequalities faced by our beneficiaries. Al-Hurraya uses the Peer Mentoring programme to empower and enable Beneficiaries to become Community Champions.

Our Aim

Al-Hurraya are ambassadors of culturally specific intervention methods. We take pride in providing services which have a core element of culture to them. We understand there are many cultural barriers that may deter a person from seeking support, and using these methods we work in a client focused way to address these.

Our service uses specialised solution focused techniques which encourage service users to invest in their own relationship with to make positive changes. We aim to support and educate them by increasing awareness and providing harm minimisation strategies, such as early prevention workshops, education around gang violence and drug abuse, cultural deprivation and radicalisation, one to one peer mentoring and counselling support. Al-Hurraya also works with specialised services to support community integration.

Another area of focus for Al-Hurraya is to tackle cultural issues which may be linked to substance misuse and abuse. The relationship between drugs/alcohol and cultural identification suggest a negative correlation.

Our Team

The team consists of peer led and passionate dedicated professionals.

ASAD FAZILFounder / Director
Certificate of higher education in addiction studies and a BA honours in Humanistic Counselling from the University of Nottingham.

Our founder and managing Director has over ten years of experience working in the voluntary, statutory sector. Having overcome many challenges of his own he identified the need for a culturally specific organisation which would improve service provision for Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic, Refugees and New Emerging communities.

Asad developed the first UK based Islamic 12 step program.

Asad’s vision for Al-Hurraya is for it to become a leading BAME specialist service providing solutions and support for all its beneficiaries.

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The Board

Dr Latif is well known within the Nottingham Muslim Community for his dedication and input around improving community cohesion. He has many different roles with Voluntary organisations and has a passion for research and policy change.
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Shazia Ali has managed employment contracts at The Meadows Partnership for the past fifteen years. In her current role she is the E.S.F Lead for the Building Better Opportunities Program. Shazia supports the vision we have around the Al-Hurraya women’s program and has a keen interest in its development.
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Rizvan Shafiq is currently employed by Nottingham City Council and has been with them for the past thirteen years as a charted surveyor. As well as supporting other charities within Nottingham, he has provided advise to initiate project fundraising and support.
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“Al-Hurraya has helped me remain clean for months now, I can finally be a father, husband and son to my family again.”

“Living with an addict is very painful. Al-Hurraya helped me and my family to regain a better future.”

“I really enjoyed the knife crime and gang culture workshops Al-Hurraya provided, I have more awareness now.”

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We encourage Beneficiaries from our treatment programs to become volunteers and become community champions as they can pass their experience and strength on to others. Al-Hurraya volunteers share a wealth of knowledge and implement that improve service provision.

We ask anyone who is interested in volunteering for Al-Hurraya to contact us using our contact us page.


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