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Project Description

Addiction Support (AAS)

Weekly mutual aid meetings in Nottingham and Derby.

Al-Hurraya support beneficiaries who are enduring problematic drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. We also support individuals who are struggling with other addiction such as gaming, internet, food, sex and porn.

Al-Hurraya provide culturally sensitive support to individuals. We also provide family support, ie significant others and children. We identify that there are many barriers such as guilt, shame and fear that do not allow a person to seek recovery. Al Hurraya support the whole family whilst the individual is receiving support.

Al Hurraya work alongside Nottingham Prison, Nottingham Recovery Network, Clean Slate and many other Voluntary and Statutory Services.

We provide:

  • Cultural Specific Interventions

  • Islamic 12 Steps Programme

  • Weekly mutual aid meetings in Nottingham and Derby

Available in other areas, please feel free to contact us