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Project Description

Early Intervention Workshops

Al Hurraya is an evolving service in an ever-changing environment. We are able to quickly recognise Social Issues which are prevalent in Nottingham and ensure that our Workshops focus on these. Our Workshops aim to raise awareness and tackle issues that are affecting the social climate at the time. We recognise that early intervention works and have become pioneers in delivering workshops which reach out and engage to communities. At the same time we engage with other specialised business and well established entrepreneurs to draw more interest to the workshops to give more of a ‘fun’ side to the sessions. An example of this is our collaboration with Jawaid Khaliq who provides Boxercise sessions at the end of our workshops. Some of our evidence based and targeted workshops which have been delivered to date include Healthy relationships, Gang culture, Gun and Knife Crime, Substance Misuse, Grooming, CSE, HBV, Radicalisation and Extremism, and Forced Marriages.