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Project Description

Refugees Asylum Seekers & New Emerging Communities

Al-Hurraya strives to support refugees, asylum seekers and new emerging communities within the East Midlands. We work alongside specialist organisations such as Javid Khaliq Boxing Academy, specialised schooling where we support hard to reach communities and places of worship where we tackle long-term childhood adversity/Trauma which has been experienced by our service users.

Our service users have come from countries such as Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Romania and Iran etc. We promote integration by supporting such students who have experienced difficulties in educational institutes due to cultural deprivation and adapting to new way of living. We cover specialised topics relating to sexual exploitation/ grooming, radicalisation, knife and gun crime, gang violence and substance abuse. We support these children with academic support and time management which can be a cause of high levels of  detentions suspension/exclusion rates.