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Our years of experience in cross-cultural, grassroots work means that some organisations that we are able to help then become better at what they do. We have developed a range of packages to help do this. We can also act as consultants or advisors.

For Professionals.

Public and business organisations have a greater than ever need and desire to act in a culturally relevant way, and in a way that reflects the experiences of their BAMER clients and customers.  This is not only important for service excellence but is also critical for maintaining confidence levels and a positive public reputation.


Our training modules are designed to build the knowledge, confidence and ability of your managers and staff to be able to deliver excellent service levels and also protect your public reputation. Modules can be delivered in their standard format or they can be tailored to your specific needs.


All of our training is delivered by experienced staff who are able to answer your questions and share examples that bring the subject to life.

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For Community Groups.

Community centres, mosques, churches, sports clubs, schools and other organisations that operate in the community space all want and need to help people to the best of their ability. However, the makeup of every community is constantly changing and evolving and this makes it hard to continually meet people’s needs well.


Our training modules help community organisations to stay culturally aware and proficient.  They are designed and priced to be informative and affordable so that you can continue to provide the excellent support to individuals and families that you want to.

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Let’s Work Together

If you would like to talk to us about joining a group or receive support you can do this by filling out the form below or emailing us directly at

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