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About Us

Business meeting in a cafe

Our Story

Al-Hurraya was founded in Nottingham in 2014 with the aim of providing culturally specific intervention methods for people in BAMER communities. We take pride in providing services which have a core element of culture to them.

We work with Clients, families children and communties as well staff and Volunteers  to provide early intervention, Education, Counselling, Mentoring and empowerment to individuals and families facing a range of disadvantages including:


·       Hidden harm

·       Addiction

·       Involvement in crime, gangs and radicalisation

·       Cultural specific support

·       Trauma


Cultural backgrounds, and an unwillingness to talk about these issues, can make addressing them even harder.


We understand there are many cultural barriers that may deter a person from seeking support. Using the methods we have developed we work in a client focused way to address these and see them released to their own Al-Hurraya, or Freedom.


Today Al-Hurraya operates across the East Midlands and works in partnership with local councils, Police, universities, schools, colleges, mosques and other community groups.

Our story
Our ethos
Our ethos

Al-Hurraya is peer led and believes in empowering individuals who have lived experience.
Our staff and Volunteers work together to reduce the inequalities faced by our beneficiaries.
An important part of the recovery of our beneficiaries is the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor.  This empowers and enables them to become a community champion who can role model and give back to the community that they are a part of.

Our Volunteers
Our volunteers

Our Volunteers bring Al-Hurraya to life.  They give their time to be with the people we support as mentors, friends, speakers and organisers.  Many of them have lived experiences of the issues we work against and therefore bring huge compassion and insight. All of them want to make a difference and see people set free from what holds them back.


We think our Volunteers are pretty amazing people.


Want to make a difference and see the clients achieve their goals and achievements then email us.

Our funders and supporters
Our funders & supporters

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the individuals and organisations who have provided support. None of what we do would be possible without your generosity.

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