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About Us

Our story
Our Story
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Al-Hurraya was established in 2014 when its founder Asad Fazil MBE identified a clear gap in service provision for those requiring support services that not only considered but also valued and understood the client's unique cultural and religious background and contexts. Therefore, Al-Hurraya was established to break down the barriers experienced by diverse communities to ensure no one felt excluded from accessing support. Al-Hurraya means freedom, we want to help people live a life free from harm and free from addiction for the benefit of both the individual, their family and the wider community.   

Al-Hurraya began as a service working with individuals requiring Culturally Specific Support for Substance Misuse and Addiction. Since 2014 the scope of services offered by Al-Hurraya increased dramatically to meet the needs of the communities we support.  As of today, Al-Hurraya offers a wide range of specialist services supporting children, adults and families experiencing a variety of challenges including addiction, mental health issues, domestic abuse, radicalisation, sexual violence, honour-based abuse, crime, child-criminal exploitation, trauma and any other emerging challenges facing the communities we support. Al-Hurraya is one of the most sought-after culturally specific support services in the East Midlands with award-winning staff members who are paving the way for a better future. 

Our Vision

Our Vision  

Mission Statement 


Empowering ethnically diverse communities to reduce harm and to capitalise on personal growth.  

Our values - The work we do with individuals and communities is driven by our belief and commitment to respecting what makes us individual and celebrates that which brings us together in peace and unity.  

Our aims  

  • To improve community cohesion 

  • To support individuals in overcoming internal and external cultural issues which are detrimental to individual growth  

  • To be peer-led and empower individuals to become Community Champions  

  • To strive for change and challenge stereotypes  

  • To work alongside partners and agencies to promote true inclusivity by improving service provision and accessibility for ethnically diverse Communities  


Our objectives   

By giving individuals, families and communities the knowledge, skills, support and resources, they need to overcome social and emotional barriers faced, they are able to become leaders of the future. We take a “public health approach” to recognise harm and develop early interventions to support the reduction in offending, re-offending and give individuals the opportunities to explore themselves and thrive.  

Our Funders and Supporters

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the individuals and organisations who have provided support. None of what we do would be possible without your generosity. By joining forces, we can achieve amazing outcomes.  

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Our Funders & Supporters
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