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Changing Futures
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Changing Futures is a project designed to support people experiencing Severe and Multiple Disadvantages (SMD) and encourage local system change to develop services that can better respond to the needs of people with multiple complex needs.  

Through this partnership, Al-Hurraya has 2 frontline Navigators who work directly with beneficiaries to help them engage with services and get the support they want and need.  Our navigators provide their expertise in providing culturally specific support to local people from minoritized ethnic backgrounds.   

Al-Hurraya employs staff who are based across various teams within Nottingham Recovery Network. These staff members offer culturally specific support within their Triage, Drug and Psychosocial teams. This partnership allows a more culturally appropriate substance misuse service by:   

  • Cultural Competency: Al Hurraya staff bring a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and sensitivities of the communities they serve. This cultural competency helps them tailor their support to be more effective and respectful. 

  • Language Proficiency: Being fluent in the languages commonly spoken within the community allows Al Hurraya staff to bridge communication gaps, ensuring individuals feel more comfortable discussing their substance misuse issues. 

  • Customized Treatment Plans: They can design substance misuse treatment plans that align with the cultural beliefs, traditions, and values of the clients. This can increase the likelihood of engagement and success in treatment. 

  • Community Connections: Al Hurraya staff often have strong ties within their cultural communities. This enables them to leverage community resources and support networks to enhance the recovery process. 

Rebels Gym

Rebels Gym is a Nottingham Based old school gym whom we have worked in partnership with since X. Rebels gym share our passion for supporting young people, adults and families and getting them into the gym. Through this partnership we work closely with Rebels gym and their skilled and dedicated staff who have decades of experience across multiple disciplines to help you reach their goals. 

University of Nottingham: SMD Research Project  

This project is a collaboration between The University of Nottingham, NHS England, Nottingham City Council and Al-Hurraya.  

Through this collaboration we are carrying out an “Exploratory study of experiences of Severe and Multiple Disadvantage in Ethnically diverse communities”. The needs resulting from severe and multiple disadvantages within ethnically diverse communities is not well documented, have not been represented within previous research and likely go unmet by existing services. This research sets out to develop a culturally sensitive and nuanced understanding of what it means to be severe and multiple disadvantaged within ethnically diverse communities. The study will identify barriers and block for people accessing existing services and proposes recommendations to the Home Office for change. 

Changing Futures
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