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Training & Workshops

Over several years, Al-Hurraya has developed a range of comprehensive training and educational workshops.  Our years of experience in cross-cultural, grassroots work, have enabled us to create inciteful training packages for community members and professionals.

Training For Professionals


Organisations and services have a greater than ever need and desire to act in a culturally sensitive way, and in a way that puts clients at the heart of service delivery, meeting the needs of culturally diverse clients and customers. This is not only essential for service quality but is also crucial for maintaining a positive reputation with clients and customers.  

Our mission is to empower professionals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of a multicultural world, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and social cohesion. Modules can be delivered in their standard format, or they can be tailored to your specific needs. 


All of our training is delivered by experienced staff who are able to answer your questions and share examples that bring the subject to life. 


We offer a range of workshops for professionals including:  

  • Unconscious Bias 

  • Cultural competency  

  • hidden harm within ethnically diverse communities 

  • Mental Health Awareness & Building resilience within culturally diverse communities  

  • Gang Crime  

  • Substance Misuse  

  • Intergenerational Gaps  

  • Trauma informed practise  

  • Gambling Addiction within diverse communities  

Our training packages are suitable for all lines of work as we educate people in areas that are applicable not only to their professional lives but also their personal life

Training for community groups  

  • Cultural competency  

  • Unconscious Bias  

  • Mental health awareness  

  • Family and parenting support  

  • Child criminal exploitation: building resilience in young people  

Through the delivery of these training sessions, we create an environment to engage in open, honest, and positive conversations about important topics to build a more inclusive and positive future. 

If you would like to find out more about the training we have on offer please contact or to request a quote please fill in our Contact form

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