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Detached Youth Work

Our Detached youth work project is a new and exciting way we are trying to engage with local young people. Detached youth work is a way of providing support to potentially vulnerable and "at-risk" young people, away from traditional youth work venues and out in their own communities.  

Our team of youth workers are working in areas where a need has been recognised. We are trying to engage with local communities to:  

  • Educate young people about local and wider opportunities 

  • Build effective and meaningful relationships through regular contact, mutual trust, respect and understanding  

  • Provide a listening ear to communities and identify local needs  

  • Support and challenge young people's attitudes towards issues like employment, drugs, racism, sexism, sexuality, crime, peer, parental and community pressures.  

  • Encourage and support appropriate action that young people take resulting from their own ideas and suggestions 

  • Highlight issues affecting young people whilst advocating for and with them within the wider community and world  

So far, we have ran this project in Sneinton and are currently engaging with the Aspley community.  

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Let’s Work Together

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