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Domestic Abuse and Sexual

In 2022 we launched this service to provide specialist and culturally specific support to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.  This type of counselling can help survivors to process their experiences in a way that is respectful of their cultural values and beliefs. 

We believe this service can help survivors to feel more comfortable and understood, and it can also help them to connect with other survivors from their own community. Additionally, culturally specific counselling can help survivors to develop coping mechanisms that are compatible with their cultural values. Our Service offers: 

  • 1-1 support and counselling sessions, with flexible delivery of sessions. All sessions will adhere to the BACP code of conduct. 

  • An opportunity to explore the impact of sexual assault and domestic violence on your life, whether it has been in the past or is currently present. 

  • A safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space where individuals will feel enabled to share as much as they wish to. 


Our service is female led by our Specialist Counsellor for Sexual and Domestic Violence and Specialist Support Worker. Our counsellors are trained and registered by the BACP governing body. Our staff are specialized in domestic and sexual violence. They will be available to support clients with advocacy and signposting. 

The service we provide is strictly confidential as the safety of our clients is paramount within Al-Hurraya.  


Additional to the counselling, we will also be proactively engaging with minority ethnic and emerging communities to: 

  • Understand and express their needs in relation to violence against women and girls. 

  • Help identify and address the gaps in, and barriers to, accessing relevant services.  


Furthermore, all our staff have a deep understanding about the stigma and cultural barriers that survivors might face.  

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