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Imams Leading for Change

This project is being delivered across Derby and is the first of its kind in this area. We wanted to create a project that worked with local Imams, Mosques, Community leaders and community members to start challenging conversations about domestic abuse and coercive control. A programme was devised to train Imams on the topic so that they could cover Domestic Abuse and Coercive control as part of a Sermon at the local mosques.  

This project has not come without its barriers for example, initial the Imams and Mosques were reluctant to get involved with the project and for their mosques to be associated with it. However, after consistent communication between us and the Imams and Mosques we were able to build that trust and get them on board with the project.  

So far we have delivered 2 sessions to community members and Imams and Community members. During the session for community members, an interesting finding was that many of the men didn’t recognise coercive control as domestic violence and there was a clear confusion between cultural and religious practises. By educating these men on cultural norms that have been made or interpreted as religious we can begin to help them change their understanding, outlook and behaviour that cause domestic violence and abuse.  

Another finding was that the mem did not recognise the impact Domestic Abuse has on children and how it affects them. This project has shown the importance of projects like this, and we aim to keep important yet challenging topics like this in local community and mosques conversations. 


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