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Children and Domestic Abuse Support

Children Affected by Domestic Violence, otherwise known as CADA, is our culturally specific service that supports children affected by domestic abuse with counselling that is designed to meet the needs of children from ethnically diverse communities. This includes providing counselling using culturally appropriate interventions and understanding the child's cultural and religious beliefs and values. 

Some of the specific features of this service for children affected by domestic abuse includes: 

  • Counsellors who are culturally competent: Our counsellors have training and experience in working with children from different cultures. They should be able to understand the child's cultural background and how it may be affecting their experience of domestic abuse. 

  • Use of culturally appropriate interventions: Our service will use interventions that are based on the child's cultural beliefs and values.  

  • Understanding of the child's cultural beliefs and values: Our counsellors are aware of the child's cultural beliefs about domestic abuse and how it should be addressed.  


In addition to these specific features, our CADA service will also be: 

  • This means that the service is available to children from all backgrounds, regardless of their income or immigration status. 

  • This means that the child will feel comfortable sharing their experiences without fear of judgment or retaliation. 

  • This means that the child will feel physically and emotionally safe during counselling. 


By providing culturally specific services, we can better support children who have been affected by domestic abuse and help them to heal and thrive

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