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Gambling Addiction Support Service  

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We provide a bespoke service that includes culturally specific, one to one, counselling to overcome the challenges faced by ethnically diverse individuals and their families suffering the harms of gambling addiction.  

Culturally specific counselling for gambling addiction support service is tailored to the specific needs of people from a particular cultural background who are struggling with gambling addiction. This type of counselling can help people to understand the cultural factors that may have contributed to their gambling addiction, and to develop coping mechanisms that are compatible with their cultural values. 

There are many benefits to culturally specific counselling for gambling addiction, such as: 

  • Enabling individuals to feel more comfortable and understood through their own unique experiences. 

  • Helping individuals to connect with other people from their own community who are struggling with gambling addiction. 

  • Empowering individuals to develop coping mechanisms that are compatible with their cultural values, such as seeking help from religious leaders or elders. 


Our team at Al-Hurraya understands that a holistic approach is required when working with individuals from ethnically diverse backgrounds, so this service is done through implementing a public health approach, so we also offer family members support. This will be provided through mutual aid support groups that we operate for the clients to access for additional support.  

We also are providing a series of workshops across Derby and Nottingham for professionals highlighting the impact gambling addiction has on the client from ethnic minority backgrounds and their families to increase their knowledge and better serve the community. 

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