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Youth Diversionary Program – Fitness / Educational Workshops / Mentoring

We recognise the importance of prevention and early intervention for young people. That is why we ensure that our charity is always seeking funding opportunities to provide a constant stream of youth diversionary projects for local young people.  By providing young people with a place of safety away from the streets, as well as an outlet for their mental, physical and psychological well-being and needs, we allow young people to access and engage in a variety of activities so they can improve their: 


  1. Skill Development   

We want to facilitate fun and engaging activities where young people want to get involved and feel a sense of achievement in learning and developing their skills each session. Young people can learn new skills both practical and social. Whether its boxing, running, weightlifting or any other type of fitness activity, these sessions foster discipline, personal growth and the development of valuable life skills.  

   2. Mental and Emotional Well-being 

Participating in enjoyable activities can have a postie effect on mental and emotional well-being. They are able to channel their energy into a productive and constructive outlet. It also provides a break from stressors and challenges allowing them to relax have fun and experience a sense of pride and productiveness.  

   3. Positive Relationships  

Our diversionary activities always involve group participation, helping people build positive relationships and connections with peers, mentors, and adult role models. Through these relationships and environment, we aim to provide guidance and a sense of belonging, sometimes a lack of belonging or support network can leave young people feeling fed up and demotivated. We want young people to know they are valued, and that they have a support network.  

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